Rabies is spread through bites or licks on broken skin from an infected animal. Without treatment it’s almost always fatal. It occurs in many countries, including most parts of the African and Asian continents, and many parts of Central and South America. Vaccination is advised if you’re going to risk areas that will be far away from a reliable source of vaccine. You should also consider vaccination if taking part in high-risk activities, such as cycling and running, or if you’re travelling for a long time to rabies risk areas. The rabies vaccination consists of three injections over the course of a month. Booster injections every two years are needed for continued protection after that. You should allow at least a month to finish the course before you travel.

Travel Vaccinations Member per dose Non Member per dose
Travel Nurse Appointment fee £30.00 £35.00
Rabies (3 doses, given at 1, 7 and 21 days and then once every 5 years) £60.00 £75.00